Hello, I’m Paul. A passionate and experienced product designer. My goal is to understand user and business requirements and solve them via clean and elegant design solutions that deliver a delightful customer experience.


I’m senior product designer who's worked for startups and scale-up companies on both B2B and B2C products. Working within agile methodologies, I've led design from ideation to live production, and I'm experienced in creating design systems, component and style libraries, and defining design strategies to support the design process.

During my career, I've managed design teams and mentored junior designers to help them achieve their career goals. I enjoy collaborating with multidisciplinary designers and engineers, and I’m experienced in working closely with senior stakeholders and external clients.

My goal as a designer is to understand user and business requirements and solve them via clean and elegant design solutions that deliver a delightful customer experience.

I’m proficient in Figma and Sketch and tools that assist design mock-ups and research gathering such as Whimsical, Miro and FigJam. I’m always looking to understand the latest design research in order to continue my growth and development as a designer.

Work Samples

The following projects are from my two most recent roles. They primarily show the finished product design, however, each includes a case study to explain an in-depth view of the design process I used. I was the lead designer for both of these projects.

Potential Design System The design system for Potential included a component library, which used the Atomic Design methodology, a styles library and a visualisation library. The design system was something I built from the ground up and each component within the library met level II of the WCAG. This was also built in Storybook through close collaboration between myself and our senior front-end developer using Chromatic and Slack integrations.

Potential A responsive web app that serves two user personas; candidates who can complete cybersecurity based assessments and academy administrators who can view individual and group insights in order to discover roles for candidates within the cybersecurity profession.

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RightIndem An award-winning, white-label, multi-lingual, configurable, responsive web app that serves two user personas; claimants to empower them to make insurance claims easily and efficiently and the insurer claims handler to view claim information and to bring claims to a resolution.

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Lifepockets Lifepockets is an iOS app that I designed and built during the UK Lockdown in 2020 with the aim to help people improve their mental and physical health. Lifepockets is a holistic app that aims to improve health and wellbeing by completing a minimum of three exercises that focus on heart, mind and physical health. Working with an external developer, the app was built to 80% of it's MVP feature set. However, due to the rising development costs and the exciting news that me and my wife were expecting our first baby, I paused the development of the app. I'm very proud of this work as it showcased my ability to create a brand, website, product design and I was also able to market it among social media channels.

Most recent experience

Product Designer at Magnetic Rock. May 2022 - present.
Magnetic Rock are a product incubator with the mission to up-skill humanity in the world of cyber security.

As product designer, I led the product design from conception to delivery. I created design goals and values, set product design direction, and created a design system that consisted of a styles library, a visualisation library and a component library. Working alongside the Lead UX Researcher, I helped to understand business and user requirements which were translated into clean, elegant designs. I was also responsible for ensuring all designs adhered to Level II of the WCAG. The tools and software I used at Magnetic Rock were Figma, Sketch, Whimsical, FigJam, Chromatic, Storybook, Miro, Notion, Jira and Slack.

Head of Design at RightIndem. Aug 2016 - May 2022
RightIndem deliver an easy-to use and agnostic digital platform that allows customer to raise insurance claims.

As Head of Design, I was responsible for product direction which included identifying a scalable and agnostic product UI strategy, defining design values and managing a team of designers. I also liaised with customers to help identify requirements and worked alongside the business analyst to define the product roadmap. At RightIndem, I also took a hands on approach to design and I was responsible for the product design system and the development of the product with the offshore development team. The tools and software used at RightIndem were Sketch, Zeplin, Balmsamiq Mockup, Storybook, Azure DevOps.

Lead UI/UX Designer at iMosphere. Mar 2015 - Aug 2016
As Lead UI/UX Designer, I was responsible for the UX and UI design of the company’s flagship product; Care Partner - a responsive web-based application providing patient care tracking and coordination of essential health data. I ensured all design work was accessible to Level II of the WCAG which focused specifically on the use of JAWS technologies for those with vision impairments.


Although I’m not as active on socials as I once was, you can find some of my design work on Dribbble and read articles that I have written on Medium.